Environment Council of Rhode Island

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Senate Environment & Agriculture Committee Hearing 2016-02-24

Please Note: Room change. The hearing will now take place in the Senate Lounge.

Among bills to be considered is S2185, an ECRI Legislative Priority. Hearing begins at the rise of the Senate.

Hearing Date: 
Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 4:00pm
Hearing Room: 
Senate Lounge
Post-hearing Notes: 
Video of hearing is now at http://ritv.devosvideo.com/media/dhuhqnz5.mp4. To view it you may need to add some extensions to your browser. See http://discovervideo.com/devos/help/v4/user/. From about minute 30 of the hearing video to the end: discussion of 2181 and 2185. Among speakers are Greg Gerritt, Jerry Elmer, reps of NECEC, PP&L, Emerald Cities of RI, Audubon, Ken Payne, Brookfield Renewable Energy, Renew Northeast, *EGP&A, (no quorum).