2022 Legislative Agenda

ECRI has considered these bills and has decided to support or oppose them at hearings. People interested in tracking legislation during the session are encouraged to sign up for an account in the General Assembly's Bill Tracker system.

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Legislative Topic Title and Description House Bill# Senate Bill # Link(s) to Bill text pdfs

ECRI's Position
Water Cooperative Water Suppliers Act.

Requires municipalities to cooperate and forge partnerships with water suppliers, within their jurisdiction, that assist or enable water suppliers to maintain, improve, backup and safeguard their water supply.

2477 S2477 Neutral Neutral
Legislative Priority
Legislative Topic Title and Description House Bill# Senate Bill # Link(s) to Bill text pdfs

ECRI's Position
Climate 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030.

Increases the percentage of retail electricity sales from renewable energy sources.

7277 2274 H7277, S2274, S2274subA Legislative Priority Support
Conservation Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging.

This act would enact the extended producer responsibility for packaging act requiring producers of packaging material to make changes to their product design in an effort to reduce the use of non-reusable, non-recyclable and toxic packaging. This act would further create the producer responsibility program requiring producers to make necessary changes to their product design(s) to reduce packaging consumption and waste, and assess fees based on the packaging.

7279 2296 H7279, S2296 Legislative Priority Support
Energy Solar on developed sites and schools.

Provides that certain eligible net metering systems projects, including solar siting, cannot be sited in Conservation Opportunity Areas (C)As) [also referred to as "solar on developed sites and schools"].

7531 H7531 Legislative Priority Support
Government The Environmental Justice Act.

Requires the Dept of Environmental Management to create environmental justice areas.

8036 2087 S2087, H8036 Legislative Priority Support
Other No PFAS in Food Packaging.

Prohibits the sale or promotional distribution of any food package in Rhode Island which contains perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), effective January 1, 2024.

7438 2044 S2044, H7438, H7438subA Legislative Priority Support
Transportation Electric Transportation Act.

Provides for a plan and structure to transition to green energy in motor and other vehicles

7653 2448 S2448, H7653 Legislative Priority Support
Waste Bottle Deposit Required .10 + .04.

This act would create a refundable ten cent ($0.10) deposit for non-reusable beverage containers. A four cent ($0.04) handling fee would be paid by distributors.

7378 2300 H7378, S2300 Legislative Priority Support
Waste Polystyrene Foam Ban.

This act would prohibit a covered establishment from preparing, selling, processing orproviding food or beverages in or on a disposable food service container that is composed in whole or in part of polystyrene foam.

7063 2050 H7063, S2050 Legislative Priority Support
Waste Plastic Checkout Bag Ban.

This act would create the "Plastic Waste Reduction Act" designed to reduce the use of plastic bags by retail establishments by offering recyclable bag options and providing penalties for violations.

7065 2446 H7065, S2446 Legislative Priority Support
Waste PFAS – Industrial Property Remediation & Reuse.

This act would define and provide that "per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances" (PFAS) be included within the definition of "hazardous substances" for purposes of industrial property remediation and reuse.

7234 2447 H7234, S2447 Legislative Priority Support
Water Comprehensive PFAS Ban Act 2022.

Prohibits use of PFAS in carpets, upholstered furniture, textile furnishings, apparel, cosmetics, juvenile products, cookware, firefighting foam and gives authority to the department of environmental management to regulate and the use.

7436 2449 H7436, S2449 Legislative Priority Support
Water Restricting Neonicotinoids.

Restricts the use of neonicotinoids which are a class of insecticides.

7129 2299 H7129 Legislative Priority Support
Water PFAS – Water Standards & Testing.

This act would provide for the Dept of Health to take action to establish maximum contaminant levels for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water and set interim standards. The act would also provide that the Dept of Environmental Management set standards for PFAS in ground and surface waters, and adopt standards for PFAS monitoring at landfills.

7233 2298 H7233, S2298 Legislative Priority Support
Legislative Agenda
Legislative Topic Title and Description House Bill# Senate Bill # Link(s) to Bill text pdfs

ECRI's Position
Climate EFSA Requires GHG Consideration .

This legislation requires carbon-emissions-reduction goals be considered in energy plant siting proceedings.

7336 2179 H7336, S2179 Legislative Agenda Support
Climate EC4 EJ Advisory Board.

Establishes the Rhode Island executive climate change coordinating council equity and environmental justice advisory board to advise on decision-making and equitable outcomes.

7611 H7611, H7611subA Legislative Agenda Support
Conservation Green Buildings Act Expansion.

This act would expand the definition of public buildings under the green buildings act and would include those buildings in any subdivision of the state; would include private major facility projects, if those projects received any economic benefit from the state; would mandate public reports for all such projects; and would authorize the establishment of a green buildings advisory committee.

7278 2700 H7278, S2700 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy Net Metering – Prior Use & Credits.

This bill does not limit installation of a net metering system based on 3 years prior, and would also credit consumer for energy not used.

7333 2301 H7333, S2301 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy Solar Panel Fee.

Requires a yearly deposit of $200 per solar panel into an escrow account for the future disposal and exempts residential homeowners from the deposit.

7126 H7126 Legislative Agenda Oppose
Energy All-Electric Building Act.

This bill would provide that no city or town would issue a permit for the construction of new buildings that are not an all-electric building, if the initial application for a permit was submitted after December 31, 2023, unless certain circumstances apply. Exceptions would be for restaurants, hospitals, medical facilities or biolabs.

7374 H7374 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy Clean Energy Workforce Commission.

Creates the Governor’s Clean Energy Workforce Transition Commission.

7755 2585 H7755, S2585 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy Affordable Clean Energy Act.

Amends the affordable clean energy security act and the long-term contracting standard for renewable energy.

7971 2583 H7971, S2583 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy OSCAR Petroleum Fund.

Imposes an adaption fee on every barrel of petroleum products and asphalt products received at a marine terminal within this state.

2293 S2293 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy Green Buildings Act #2.


Creates the building performance standards act to, by way of benchmarking and reporting, create a statewide analysis of energy use and ways to increase energy efficiency.

7850 H7850 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy Gas distribution revenue decoupling.


Amends the revenue decoupling reconciliation mechanism used by a gas distribution company for the purposes of revenue decoupling to not require that distribution be determined on a revenue-per-customer basis.

2737 S2737 Legislative Agenda Support
Energy Labor standards in renewable energy projects.

 Adds a new chapter known as the Labor Standards in Renewable Energy Projects.

8074 2740 S2740, H8074 Legislative Agenda Support
Government Energy Facility Siting Act (Revises EFSA and EFSB).

This bill increases membership of the EFSB from 3 to 5 members & revises siting process to mandate public/municipal participation.

2392 S2392 Legislative Agenda Oppose
Government Green School Building Referendum.

This bill will allow for a statewide voter referendum seeking approval of capital development bonds for school buildings in the amount of three hundred million dollars ($300,000,000) on the November 2022 ballot. Included are incentives for energy-efficient building practices.

7125 2596 H7125, S2596 Legislative Agenda Support
Health LIHEAP With Tiered Enhancement.

This bill creates an income-sensitive, tiered subsidy program to ensure that home energy utility costs are affordable for eligible low-income households.

7530 2182 S2182, H7530 Legislative Agenda Support
Other Prohibits Canned Hunting (Slater).

This act would prohibit captive hunting for domestic or wild animals. This act does not prohibit the release of upland game birds for hunting on licensed shooting preserves.

7439 2651 H7439, S2651 Legislative Agenda Support
Other Climate Literacy Act.

Requires RI Dept of Education to implement a plan ensuring that students enrolled in public schools become climate literate by graduation from high school.

7275 2039 H7275, S2039 Legislative Agenda Support
Pollution Another Pyrolysis Loophole.

Adds advanced recycling as a definition for refuse disposal. Adds the advanced recycling facility that means a facility that receives, stores and converts post-use polymers and recovered feedstocks using advanced recycling.

2539 S2539 Legislative Agenda Oppose
Pollution Pyrolysis Loophole.

This act would exempt post-use polymers and recovered feedstocks used in advanced recycling processes from the definition of solid waste.

6675 H6675 Legislative Agenda Oppose
Pollution Greenhouse Gas Pollution Standards.


Establishes the greenhouse gas pollution standards project to ensure the state achieves the emission reduction goals of the act on climate as those projects pertain to transportation alternatives and projects.

7851 H7851 Legislative Agenda Support
Transportation Free RIPTA.

This act would prohibit the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) from imposing any fares and/or charges for service provided to the general public.

7448 2015 S2015, H7448 Legislative Agenda Support
Transportation Parking Facilities - EV Charging Stations.

Requires installation of designated electric vehicle parking spaces, with charging capabilities, by certain business/municipalities/housing developments in existing/new/expanded parking lots as of 1/1/23.

7112 2209 H7112, S2209 Legislative Agenda Support
Waste Prohibits Waste in Construction Fill.

Prohibits the use of hazardous waste or solid waste as fill on any construction site project and renders the use of such soil as fill a felony.

7413 H7413 Legislative Agenda Support
Waste Nip Ban.

This act would prohibit the sale of miniature alcoholic beverage containers in Rhode Island. This act would exempt the sale or distribution of miniature alcoholic beverage containers to passengers on commercial railroad trains or aircraft, as long as the containers are collected prior to passengers disembarking off the train or aircraft.

7064 2140 H7064, S2140 Legislative Agenda Support
Legislative Topic Title and Description House Bill# Senate Bill # Link(s) to Bill text pdfs

ECRI's Position
Government Defines high tide line re public access.

Provides a definition of the Recognizable High Tide Line for the Public's Rights and Privileges of the Shore.

8055 H8055, H8055subA Neutral
Other Black Regiment Monument Commission.

Establishes the Black Regiment Monument Commission to maintain the Black Regiment Monument located in Patriots Park in Portsmouth and its surrounding grounds/promotes the commemoration of the Black Regiment.

7468 2669 S2669, H7468, H7468subA Neutral
Waste "advanced recycling" = refuse disposal.

Adds advanced recycling as a definition for refuse disposal. Adds the advanced recycling facility that means a facility that receives, stores and converts post-use polymers and recovered feedstocks using advanced recycling.

8089 2788 S2788, H8089 Oppose