Environment Council of Rhode Island

...building an ecologically healthy future in a sustainable economy


Our mission is to serve as an effective voice for developing and advocating policies and laws that protect and enhance Rhode Island's environment. We are proud of our long history of environmental advocacy dating back to 1970.

From ECRI's bylaws:

ECRI is hereby established to coordinate, to initiate, to promote and to unify efforts of Rhode Island organizations concerned about the problems of our natural environment consistent with the right of the people to a clean, healthy and productive environment in which to live, work and play, and to lobby and advocate for that right.

Its programs shall be designed:

  1. To alert and inform its members and the citizens of Rhode Island regarding the vital importance of environmental policies and procedures for the effective use, management, maintenance and protection of our natural environment; and the action necessary to provide adequate and effective natural resource management and planning;
  2. To use energetic and constructive leadership in initiating action that will achieve its objectives;
  3. To accommodate and encourage volunteer engagement in achieving its objectives;
  4. To secure the enforcement of existing laws relative to environmental problems; and
  5. To cooperate with non-members in the promotion of ECRI interests and objectives.