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Enhancing The Long-Term Stewardship of Rhode Island's Natural Resources

lilcompton.jpgIncorporated in 1991 as a separate 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit organization, our Education Fund sponsors research and education to accomplish it's mission.

The goals of the Fund are to create materials and programs designed to educate Rhode Island's citizens about environmental health and natural resource protection and restoration.

The Fund administers the RI Schools Recycling Program in conjunction with the RI Resource Recovery Corporation and Triple M Productions. The Fund also conducts research into topics such as the ecological cities approach and urban ecology to generate background information to enhance the work of the Environment Council of RI and it's member organizations.

To support it's research and education initiatives, the Fund solicits and manages government and foundation grants. The principal activities of the Fund are conducted by it's officers, directors, and members. Membership is open to anyone who is committed to the purposes of the Fund and who wishes to actively support responsible stewardship of Rhode Island's environment.

2022 Loraine Tisdale Environmental Education Recipients

This year, these three Rhode Island schools or school-based programs have each been awarded $250 to carry out an environmental project for the upcoming spring.

The Greene School (West Greenwich)
The Greene School will continue to beautify their campus with plantings of native plants.

The Community Preparatory School (Providence)
The Community Preparatory School in Providence will expand the Pollinator Gardens started by the school’s Bee Bombing Blossoms club.

The Portsmouth Middle School (Portsmouth)The Portsmouth Middle School received a grant to continue the development of the AgInnovation gardens near the school.

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The Education Fund raises funds for this awards program through the annual ECRI Ed Fund Earth Day Raffle. The award is named after a long time Rhode Island educator and environmental activist, Loraine Tisdale, and honors her work by providing resources to schools combining education with actual improvements in environmental quality in the community.

Loraine Tisdale, a native Rhode Islander, nurse, and ardent environmentalist, used her skills to lead the Group for Alternatives to Spraying Pesticides during the 1980s and 90s.

Senator John H Chafee Conservation CelebrationJohn H. Chafee Conservation Leadership Awards

From 2000 – 2013, one organization was singled out for a Conservation Leadership Award, and three others are recognized as Outstanding Conservation Project/Program winners.

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