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2021 Legislative Agenda and Green Report Card

ECRI has considered these bills and has decided to support or oppose them at hearings. People interested in tracking legislation during the session are encouraged to sign up for an account in the General Assembly's Bill Tracker system.

August 30, 2021 

With the recent release by an organization named “RI Rank” of a ranking of Rhode Island legislators, the Environmental Council of Rhode Island issued this statement:


While we appreciate RI Rank referencing the Environment Council of Rhode Island’s legislative agenda as a resource, ECRI is not affiliated with RI Rank, nor do we endorse their recent rankings of legislators. 


ECRI publishes a biennial Green Report Card that evaluates legislators’ records on environmental legislation, including bills endorsed by ECRI and bills that would further threaten RI’s environment and public health. In evaluating legislators, our Green Report Card takes into account sponsorship, leadership, voting records, and other factors that go beyond floor and committee votes. The narrative overview provides key context from the perspective of environmental advocates closely involved with the legislative process. ECRI’s Green Report Card and legislative agenda serve as benchmarks for voters, are essential resources for policy-makers, and reflect the nuance of environmental leadership.  We direct interested Rhode Islanders to review ECRI’s previous and upcoming Green Report Cards. https://www.environmentcouncilri.org/content/green-report-cards

Pub Date: 
Monday, August 30, 2021