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2002 Green Report Card

2002 RI General Assembly Green Report Card Summary

The 2002 Legislative session was marked by little progress on many environmental issues as members faced their most challenging electoral races in years due to downsizing and redistricting.

Key Environmental Legislation for 2002

The Lead Hazard Mitigation Act of 2002 (S2813, H8230) ~ This act would create a comprehensive legislative mechanism to address lead hazard mitigation. (A yes vote is good for the environment.)

The Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device Act (H7266, H7271A) ~ This act would define the use of an Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device. The bill allows for motorized scooters on sidewalks and hiking trails. The Environment Council of RI opposed this bill. (A no vote is good for the environment.)

Coastal and Estuary Habitat Restoration Program & Trust Fund (S3069) ~ This act would establish an interagency coastal and estuarine habitat restoration program and would establish a trust fund that will receive a portion of the oil spill prevention fees and other grants, gifts or donations. The trust would provide funding (subject to appropriation) for program administration and local & regional coastal habitat restoration. This act would also make technical corrections to the oil spill response and administration fund chapter. (A yes vote is good for the environment.)

Drinking Water Supply System Protection (H7211) ~ This act would allow the water resources board to secure water supply system management plans and to amend the procedures for public access to those plans which contain sensitive information by supplying the public with executive summaries. This bill limits public access to information concerning Rhode Island’s water supply. The Environment Council of RI opposes this bill. (A no vote is good for the environment.)

Constitutional Amendment for Co-equal Distribution of Powers (S2288) ~ This act would create a balance of powers between the three branches of the state government. For the House, since no vote was taken, the signatures from the discharge petition were used. (A yes vote is good for the environment.)