Environment Council of Rhode Island

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ECRI Monthly Minutes, December 2019


1. Welcome & Introductions
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Office report (Greg Gerritt)
4. President’s report (Priscilla De La Cruz)
5. Proposal: For ECRI Ed Fund to take on fiscal agency responsibilities for the newly named Climate Community Center (see attached documents)

6. Report on the work of the study commission on the Energy Facilities Siting Act – Paul Roselli
7. Reports
   a. PolComm Report (Kai Salem)
   b. Providence Environmental Task Force
8. Reports from ECRI fiscal agency projects
   a. Green Infrastructure Coalition
   b. Energize Coalition
   c. School Recycling
9. Announcements (all)

Pub Date: 
Monday, December 2, 2019

Additional file is the Memorandum of Understanding between ECRI's Education Fund and Climate Action Rhode Island 350 which allows ECRI's Ed Fund to serve as a limited fiscal agent for grants and donations being provided to fund the programmatic work of CARI350.