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Submissions to 2018 RI Nature Video Festival

The following list contains all of the videos which were submitted for entry to the
2018 Rhode Island Nature Video Festival.

They are listed alphabetically by video-maker.

Mat Becker
Plant Biodiversity off the I-95 Elmwood Exit
Birds and Beasts of Roger Williams Park

Bruce Campbell
A Marsupial Story

Dale Denelle
Dolphins Playing and Feeding
Playing with Whales
The Dolphin Have Much to Say…
Gannet - Seagulls - Bait Fish - Blue Fish - Stripers

Gary Detonnancourt
Dancing Bees
Great Horned Owl with Babies

John Devault

Ayla Fox
My Kind of River – Wood Pawcatuck Wild and Scenic

Gayle Gifford
Wild Turkeys in Providence

Greg Gerritt
Menhaden in the City
Sex in the Cemetery
One Toad Calling
Rainwater Pool Series – May 2016
The Decimation of the Bullfrogs

David Gregg
Cedar Waxwings Fight Back (Against Caterpillars)
Ant Mating Swarm

Sam Gregg
Looking for the Extremely Rare and Almost EXTINCT Naturalist!

Melissa Guillet
Alien Visitation
Humble Beginnings: Cecropia Moth
Ladybug Workout
Hymenoptera Havana!

Nancy Jakubowski
Night Owls
Little Rhody Owl
Circle of Life
Acting Koi

Laura Landen
Video of euglena, sea urchin, and baby squid.

Tobias Rein and Elias MacGillivray
Save the Barrington Farm School – It's About the Hive

The Nature Conservancy – RI Chapter
Fish Monitors & Oyster Reefs

Salt Ponds Coalition

A Salt Ponds Coalition Festival
Trustom Pond
Winnapaug Pond
Rhody Blues
Salt Pond Safari

Ray Stachelek
Gilbert Stuart River Herring
Water Over The Dam
Ocean Mist Bar
Charlestown RI – Glory Days

Elise Torello
Wildlife Festival