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Pollution Prevention

In 1989, the URI Center for Pollution Prevention (the Center), comprised of scientists, engineers and students at the University of Rhode Island was founded with financial support from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the RI Dept of Environmental Management. The Center helps find cost-effective solutions to reduce and eliminate pollutants by investigating process changes, recycling opportunities, and highly efficient treatment technologies.

Research done by the Center helps educate and prepare students to solve existing environmental problems for businesses. Recently, for example, the Center assisted Breystone, Inc., a metal-working business located in Lincoln, to reduce the amount of waste generated and disposed resulting in an 80% savings for the company. More than 400 companies in the state have eliminated millions of pounds of waste, reduced environmental liability and health risks, and increased business profitability due to the work of the Center.

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John H. Chafee Conservation Leadership Award
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