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DEM Jurisdiction

5425Sub A and 0672Sub A
This act would require the Rhode Island division of planning, in consultation with a task force representing diverse interests, to prepare and submit to the governor, the senate president and the speaker of the house, a report that would make recommendations for state standards that addresses onsite waste water treatment systems (OWTS) regulations, and wetlands and watershed planning. This act would not apply to OWTS, maintenance, and cesspool phase-outs.
This act would take effect upon passage.

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Save The Lakes

Save The Lakes was founded as the only statewide organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Rhode Island’s lakes, ponds and fresh water resources.  We provide a forum for education, discussion and action on lake-related issues; we advocate for better fresh water management policies at the local, state and federal levels.

2011-2012 Green Report Card

The latest Green Report Card highlights an unfocused RI General Assembly with a "B-"

The Environment Council of Rhode Island (ECRI) biennial Green Report Card highlights critical environmental issues that were considered by the General Assembly during the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions.  State lawmakers were graded on 14 pieces of legislation that covered a broad host of affairs, ranging from matters on clean water, to state energy policies.


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