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2016 Green Economy Bond Fact Sheet

A prudent investment in Rhode Island’s open space, environment, and tourism – the Green Economy Bond invests in open space and farmland protection; world class state & municipal parks; bikeways; stormwater pollution prevention and brownfield cleanups. Together, these efforts will attract new businesses and continue successful programs.

This file provides more details and information about the bond.

RI State Conservation Committee

The Rhode Island State Conservation Committee (RISCC) has been established within the Dept of Environmental Management to serve as an agency of the State that provides assistance and support to the three Conservation Districts in RI and to assist local landowners and municipalities in the proper stewardship of our lands and waters.

West Bay Land Trust

The Mission of The West Bay Land Trust is to maintain a rich blend of wetlands, woodlands, urban preservation and pastoral space in the city of Cranston. Our goals include sustaining the working farms in the rural, western area of the city, as well as preserving the diverse nature of all Cranston’s communities, thus allowing the city to offer a continued variety of residential lifestyles to its citizens.


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