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Creating a More Sustainable School Through Planting Trees

In a partnership with Tree-Plenish, The Dr. Edward A. Ricci Middle School in North Providence will study the school's carbon footprint and paper usage and calculate how many trees would be needed to create a more sustainable school by growing enough wood to supply the school with paper and mitigate its heating and electricity usage.

Students will work with community sponsors to raise money and plant trees, hoping to plant at least 1 tree per Ricci Middle School pupil.

Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island

The Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island assesses, informs, and activates efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in or attributable to Rhode Island. The purpose of CACRI is philanthropic and includes promoting social learning about climate change, including especially the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the commonweal, and protecting the environment and the functioning of the ecosystem.

Climate Action RI

The mission of Climate Action RI is to change the way our society creates and uses energy, focusing on the elimination of fossil fuel extraction and use, and the way we work together in anticipation of changes to the climate.

2016 Green Economy Bond Fact Sheet

A prudent investment in Rhode Island’s open space, environment, and tourism – the Green Economy Bond invests in open space and farmland protection; world class state & municipal parks; bikeways; stormwater pollution prevention and brownfield cleanups. Together, these efforts will attract new businesses and continue successful programs.

This file provides more details and information about the bond.


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