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Senate Commerce Committee Hearing 2021-04-08

At 5:00pm, the Committee will hear testimony on several bills related to renewable energy. They are:

  • S0025, a bill which excludes municipal and government bodies that aggregate electrical loads for residential retail customers from the requirement that a new contract is required when there is a change of terms for electric-generation services.
  • S0629, a bill which increases the percentage of retail electricity sales from renewable energy sources.
  • S0633, a bill which transfers from the electric distribution company to the office of energy resources the authority to consider and act upon all applications for approval of interconnection of new renewable energy installation.
  • S0634, a bill which requires the energy efficiency and resources management council to run a triennial competitive bid process to select an entity to propose and administer system reliability and energy efficiency and conservation procurement.
  • S0699, a bill which requires the electric distribution company to report interconnection studies and not charge more than actual costs for the studies.

**For details about providing verbal or written testimony, see the web link for this event.

Hearing Date: 
Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 5:00pm
Hearing Room: