Environment Council of Rhode Island

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House Environment & Natural Resources Committee 2021-03-18

At 7:00pm, the Committee will consider H5445 Act on Climate 2021 legislation which establishes a statewide greenhouse gas emission reduction mandate.

Other bills scheduled to be heard include:

H5919, the Green Buildings Act, which repeals the expiration provisions that major facility projects or other public improvements comply with green building standards, thereby requiring major facility projects of state agencies to be construed to LEED standards.

H5966, a bill which establishes minimum efficiency standards for selected residential and commercial products.

H5967, a bill which establishes the Ocean State Climate Adaptation and Resilience Fund.

**For details about providing verbal or written testimony, see the web link for this event.

Verbal testimony will not be accepted on any bill scheduled for Consideration only, ie. H5445.

Hearing Date: 
Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 7:00pm
Hearing Room: