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House Environment and Natural Resources Committee 03-27-2014

On March 27th at the Rise of the House, the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources will hear testimony on H7724, Cesspool Phaseout legislation, which would phase out the use of cesspools throughout the state, beginning with those close to tidal water areas and public drinking water supplies. It would require the identification and replacement of cesspools on all properties that are subject to sale and transfer.

The committee will also hear testimony on H7727, Distributed Generation legislation, which extends and expands Rhode Island's distributed generation (DG) program, creates small solar class in DG, switches DG from contract to tariff-based program and removes the cap on net metering.

ECRI supports both bills.


Hearing Date: 
Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 4:30pm
Hearing Room: 
Room 135