Environment Council of Rhode Island

...building an ecologically healthy future in a sustainable economy

ECRI Monthly Minutes, October 2019


1.  Approval of minutes
2.  Office report (Greg Gerritt)
3.  President’s report (Priscilla De La Cruz)
     a. Vacant ECRI officer seats
     b. Continue scheduling meetings with state agencies working on energy and environment
     c. Development work
4.  Presentation: Charles Clarkson  "The Rhode Island Bird Atlas 2.0: A Tool for Conservation and Land Management"
5.  Reports: Pol Comm (Kai Salem)
6.  Invenergy update (Jerry Elmer)
7.  Presentation on Vineyard Wind (Erich Stephens)
8.  Reports from ECRI fiscal agency projects
     a. Green Infrastructure Coalition
     b. Energize Coalition
9. Announcements (all)

Pub Date: 
Monday, October 7, 2019