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2016 Green Economy Bond Fact Sheet

A prudent investment in Rhode Island’s open space, environment, and tourism – the Green Economy Bond invests in open space and farmland protection; world class state & municipal parks; bikeways; stormwater pollution prevention and brownfield cleanups. Together, these efforts will attract new businesses and continue successful programs.

This file provides more details and information about the bond.

Pub Date: 
Monday, March 14, 2016

This bond, if approved by the General Assembly will appear on the ballot in November. It asks Rhode Islanders to invest $35 million in the state’s growing “green economy” by continuing 7 programs that have proven to be successful.
Together, these programs improve the state’s communities and strengthen Rhode Island’s economy.

These investments will build three key sectors of the state’s economy: tourism, outdoor recreation and agriculture. The results will be:

  • protected open space and farmland
  • world class state and municipal parks and bikeways
  • pollution prevention and brown field cleanups

These programs create the conditions that attract innovative businesses. Young job seekers and entrepreneurs gravitate toward communities that support the active, tech-savvy way of life they value. These are places with thriving local food and arts communities, outdoor recreation amenities and pedestrian and bicycle friendly transportation networks.

These programs will bolster the state’s tourism industry, an economic engine that already supports nearly 40,000 jobs and generates more than $3.32 billion annually.