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Recharging Station for Electric Powered Vehicles

Arpin Group is a locally owned moving company with national and international moving and storage operations. Environmental protection and sustainability are important to Arpin and consistent with its operations, its goals and values. In its search for new technology to reduce emissions and cut costs, Arpin became intrigued by the concept of vehicles powered by electricity rather than gasoline. The Arpin Renewable Energy division is exploring methods of reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption and is now interested in the possibility of incorporating electric cars and trucks into their moving and storage business.

Not an organization to wait for something to happen, Arpin was the first RI firm to accept the National “Project Get Ready Challenge” — a program to prepare Rhode Island for the introduction and expansion of electric powered vehicles. Arpin purchased a state of the arts electric charging station capable of charging both 110 volt and 240 volt power systems. They installed it in the conveniently located Cardi Furniture parking lot close to I-95. The recharging station is open to the public 24 hours/day.

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John H. Chafee Outstanding Conservation Project/Program
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