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Natural Science Enrichment Programs

In 2004, Save The Bay, the RI Zoological Society and the Norman Bird Sanctuary joined forces to provide elementary students with natural science enrichment programs. A 12 member AmeriCorps program was created to give 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students an opportunity to receive hands-on, interactive, ecologically focused education programs.

Through classroom and field trip participation, 630 students from Newport and Providence benefited from the key themes of the program: introduction to natural science, ownership of your neighborhoods and responsibility to the environment. The Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative has recently offered the program to the Boys and Girls Club of Providence and hopes to extend the program to additional Newport schools. The program's budget, roughly $95,000, is funded by a Corporation of National and Community Services grant and the three member organizations.

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John H. Chafee Outstanding Conservation Project/Program
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