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JTJ Investments, LLC


JTJ Investments, LLC is a small development company based in Providence, Rhode Island. The company's goals are to provide affordable, sustainable buildings that serve small businesses, artists and non-profits. It's building on 28 Wolcott Street has accomplished those goals. The company has helped show that Rhode Islanders can create buildings that far surpass the performance of most new, green, construction by using it's existing building stock at a price that is less than new, non-green construction. The vast majority of the materials, supplies, and labor used in the redevelopment of 28 Wolcott Street were locally sourced. JTJ Investments received no federal, state, or city funds, nor did they receive any tax credits for this project.

The building has been divided up into two different spaces. The office space has been dubbed the Wolcott Eco-Office and it is New England's first Zero-Net commercial space. It's heating, cooling and electricity is provided by the sun. The second space is a residence and has easily achieved an Energy Star rating. It too is heated by the sun. The building has many green features including state-of-the-art water filtration, energy recovery ventilators, recycled ceramic tiles, no VOC paint, a community garden, composting facilities, Energy Star appliances, engineered bamboo floors, daylighting, water-sense fixtures, LED lighting, solar-thermal collectors and photovoltaic panels. This building, through the improvements that have been made to it, is on track to have a healing effect, actually giving back more to the environment than it takes.