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Frog Watch

Roger Williams Park Zoo founded the first Rhode Island chapter of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium's Frog Watch USA program in 2008, training a force of 91 “citizen scientist” volunteers to participate in an intensive state-wide amphibian monitoring project. The Frog Watch USA program is an easy, enjoyable way for people who have an interest in amphibians and the environment to help make a difference in the conservation of Rhode Island's amphibian populations and their vital wetland habitats. These 91 volunteers, throughout the frog and toad breeding season of March to August, monitor 80 sites scattered across Rhode Island's five counties. This data is used by researchers to track any fluctuations or immediate threats to amphibian diversity in RI and aid land managers in two ways: land-use planning and prioritizing areas in need of protection or immediate conservation action.

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John H. Chafee Outstanding Conservation Project/Program
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