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Energy Education and Management Program

The City of Warwick School Department implemented an Energy Management Program several years ago, which has reduced energy consumption by over 25%, prevented 734,301 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the environment, and saved over two million dollars.

The Warwick schools are leading the way with a new pilot program, using BioDiesel, made from vegetable oil, as an alternative to heating oil. Additionally, Warwick expanded this program element to include school buses.

A solar electric system was placed on the Veterans Memorial High School roof. The solar electric system is visible from classrooms and the controls are located in the trades' workshops, where students can monitor energy savings.

Overall, the program reduces greenhouse gas emissions, educates children, improves public health and saves the city money. Governments, schools, organizations and businesses around the state can learn much from this energy friendly program.

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John H. Chafee Conservation Leadership Award
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