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Beneficial Compost Reuse Program

The West Warwick Treatment Plant provides sewage treatment for seven cities and towns. Over the past 20 years, the Plant has been working to develop a reusable biosolids material to lower disposal costs and benefit the environment.

A compost product, named “Wonder Works” was approved by RI DEM in 2002. “Wonder Works” combines sewer sludge with wood ash, a wastewater product from wood fired boilers. Annually, the Plant produces 12,000 cubic yards of “Wonder Works” used for landfill cover, agricultural and recreational soil conditioning and residential lawns. The RI Department of Transportation and the RI Division of Fish & Wildlife have used the compost for various projects, including roadside remediation. The Plant has reduced its sludge disposal costs by $300,000 annually.

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John H. Chafee Outstanding Conservation Project/Program
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