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2022 RI Nature Video Festival

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Sunday, February 13, 2022 @ 2:00pm

Rhode Island has an abundance of Nature, even in cities, and many people carry a camera capable of taking decent video. Now with COVID, many of us have not only headed outdoors more than before, we’ve “pivoted to video” to try to replace in-person interaction. If you find yourself with interesting videos featuring Nature or Conservation in Rhode Island and you want a wider audience, this might be the place to submit your work.

Many different styles of video are welcome, from a simple recording of an animal in action to a narrated and edited piece showing the year at a pond and everything in between. We are restricting the submissions to videos created since the since July 1, 2020. We want your new stuff. Only one video submission per person.

The complete entry rules are below. Submit a video by emailing your name, contact information, and a link to your video to: gerritt@mindspring.com by 8:00pm on December 20, 2021. If you have any questions email Greg, or if you prefer, you may call 401-331-0529.

How to Submit a Video & all the Fine Print

RI Nature Video Festival Submission Deadline: December 20, 2021

Videos eligible for entry must:

  • be recorded substantially in Rhode Island (incidental shots from elsewhere that make sense within the context of the video may be acceptable).
  • be recorded since July 1, 2020  (again, incidental shots from earlier that make sense within the context of the video may be acceptable).
  • be about some sort of Nature in Rhode Island... animal, vegetable, mineral, trail, water, activity... but, it must at least be focused on natural or naturalized plants, animals, or natural features (see below for more details).
  • be your original work.
  • be posted online and submitted by emailing a link to the video to the email address given.


  • One video submission per person.
  • Please no videos focusing on domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, pet fish, pet birds, farm animals or on exotic species such as primates or tropical reptiles (although incidental inclusion may be okay depending on the subject of the video).
  • Depiction of yards, farms, gardens, or other human-mediated habitats are fine, for example, videos showing the science of soil or the wild critters and plants in the garden would be eligible.
  • Activities and interaction with wildlife in the video must be carried out in compliance with applicable Rhode Island law and regulation.
  • Animals in videos must be ranging freely or headed for release, such as a netted sample of fish or wildlife that’s being rehabilitated. Please no hunting videos.
  • Any video longer than 45 seconds, other than an unedited scene in Nature, must include credits, and videos with copyright violations shall be rejected.  (Where did you get that music?)
  • Videos should be no longer than 7 minutes.
  • Video makers can be amateur or professional videographers, however the resources available to the maker may be a criterion in considering a video for inclusion in the February 13th event or the prizes.
  • Entrants must affirm that they have permission to use footage taken on private land or showing recognizable people who are not out in public.

Submitting a video is explicit permission for ECRI and the Natural History Survey to screen it during the February 13th event, which includes showing it to a live audience in-person and/or online, posting your link to the video online, and using stills, short clips, or descriptions of your video in publicity about the Video Festival. All submissions remain the property of their makers/owners.

The organizers of the Festival will have sole discretion as to whether a video meets the rules specified here and thus is eligible for inclusion in the Festival, who the curators are, and which videos are shown in the February 13th event and in what order.

Based on submissions, the organizers will create categories partly to guide the order of presentation at the festival and partly to make sure that we show the diversity of the community and Nature in Rhode Island. In picking videos for the February 13th event, the organizers may give consideration to the age, experience, and resources of video-makers in order to foster diversity of participants and perspectives. Places will be reserved for children under twelve, teens, students.

No single video submission may exceed seven minutes in length so that we can show videos by as many people as possible. Each video maker can submit one video. We highly encourage folks to go outside and make a new video just for the show. We shall have a special panel of community members with interests in Nature videos to select which videos will be in the show on February 13th.

All submissions must come as an email with a link to the video and accompanied by Name (s) of those who created the video with full contact information: address, phone, email, age category (12 and under, teen, student, adult, make up your own) and video credits.  If you are a beginner and wish to inform us of that, that would go here as well.  Send the information and the link to gerritt@mindspring.com by December 20th at 8 p.m.

Videos chosen to be shown on the YouTube LIVE event on February 13th shall be eligible for an award.  We will use modern technology to instantly poll the audience to determine the best in show and any other awards we decide to offer.  We are still cooking up what to offer as prizes, but it is likely to be some sort of gift certificates related to nature and video making.