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2020 Rhode Island Nature Video Festival

The event was held on February 22, 2020 at 2:00pm
Doody Auditorium in Swan Hall - University of RI, Kingston Campus [map]

We shared nature videos featuring Rhode Island that were produced exclusively by Rhode Islanders for a fun, entertaining and informative winter afternoon nature showcase.

Jointly Presented by:
Rhode Island Natural History Survey and the Environment Council of Rhode Island.

Thanks to our sponsors this event was free!

The following list contains all of the videos which were submitted for entry to the 2020 Rhode Island Nature Video Festival.

They are listed alphabetically by video-maker.

Jason Allard 
The Bells Estate: The Remains of a Rhode Island Mansion Being Reclaimed by Nature  1:43

Abandoned Rhode Island Summer Camp - Exeter, Rhode Island  2:24

Mat Becker
Fall Flowers  4:51

Bruce Campbell  
Hunting for Erratics  4:57

Dale Dennelle
Bonito Breaking and Praying Mantis  3:21

Dolphin fun on Block Island Sound  5:04

Trail Cam, Lincoln RI  5:06

Deb Eccleston
Bird Nerd at Trustom Pond  4:59

Greg Gerritt
Millions of Menhaden 2019   2:53

3 Frogs and a Green Heron  2:10

Coyote Chillin  4:35

Peter Green
Barred Owl in Providence, Rhode Island  3:30

David Gracer
Toadally  4:56

David Gregg
Ants of Rhode Island  1:38

Melissa Guillet
Buggy  3:15

Melissa Guillet & Cliff Odle
Bee Kind  3:05

Jim Hendrickson
Spring Peepers  3:09

Nancy Jakubowski
Fox and Possum  0:38

Tonite on Fox News  0:59

East Side Babies  1:00

Shannon Kelley
A Visit to Raynor Wildlife Refuge  4:48

Laura Landen
Phoebe Launch  4:58

Lotus Blossom  2:34

Todd Mcleish
Red-Bellied Woodpecker on my Head  6:39

Aya Rothwell
Anopheles mosquito larvae feeding and turning their heads  0:17

Gulls at Moonstone Beach  0:44

Walk Through Woods – May 2018  0:21

Mike Russo and Cathy Cressy 
Pine Swamp Wood Ducks - June 24, 2019 - Interior/Exterior 5:01

Elise Torello
Birds  3:43

Mammals  4:52

Great Blue Heron  2:47

Deer  4:52