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Green Economy and Clean Water Bond

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Passage of Article 5 of the proposed FY2018-19 budget will place several bond questions before the voters in the 2018 Fall Election relating to Capital Development.
One such program is the Green Economy and Clean Water Bond, which will be on the ballot as Question 3.

Approval of this proposed question on the upcoming Fall 2018 ballot will allow the State of Rhode Island to issue general obligation bonds, refunding bonds, and/or temporary notes in an amount not to exceed $48,500,000 for environmental and recreational purposes, to be allocated as follows:

  • Coastal Resiliency and Public Access Projects $5,000,000
  • Capital for Clean Water and Drinking Water $6,100,000
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Resilience Improvements $5,000,000
  • Dam Safety $4,400,000
  • State Recreation Projects Program $10,000,000
  • State Bikeway Development Program $5,000,000
  • Brownfield Remediation and Economic Development $4,000,000
  • Local Recreation Projects $5,000,000
  • Access to Farmland $2,000,000
  • Local Open Space $2,000,000


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