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2016 Rhode Island Nature Video Festival

Saturday, February 6, 2016   1:00pm
Metcalf Auditorium, Rhode Island School of Design Museum

The Environment Council of Rhode Island (ECRI) organized a Nature Video Festival to showcase the abundant, diverse and scenic beauty of the natural wonders of Rhode Island. Nature videographers of all ages together came together to showcase their best work capturing the natural wonders of Rhode Island. Scroll down to sample the featured videos from the festival.

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Featured Videos

Check out a list of all the submissions to this year's festival here.

Exploring RI

Ayla Fox, The Nature Conservancy – Rhode Island
Ocean and Coastal Conservation in Rhode Island   2:41
password: savetheocean

Steve Lightly
In the Woods   2:19

Doug Jensen
Rhode Island Geographic   3:29

Ben Arnold, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Explore RI   2:49

Save the Bay
Every Generation Deserves A Bay With No Limits   1:55



Todd McLeish & Betty-Jo Cugini, University of Rhode Island
Snowy Owls   2:03

John and Reagan Miller
Blue Heron   :48

Dennis Hlynsky
Flight   4:03

Bailey Jensen
Winter Birds   1:46

Malcom Moniz
Red-Headed Woodpecker :20

Nancy Jakubowski
Itchy and Scratchy   2:44
Tom Turkey   2:29
Duck Flocks   2:06
Owl Silhouette   1:22
Nuthatches   :54

Heidi Farmer Piccerelli
Our Backyard Screech Owl   5:19
Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird   1:56
Hooded Mergansers   2:30

Robert Malin
Egrets at Sunset  1:32

Gerald Krause
Maritime Birds of Narragansett Bay   14:25



Nika Gorini
Snappy and Reddy Save Mashapaug Pond   4:33
Story created with children of the Montessori Community School of Rhode Island.

Lisa Melmed, ¡City Arts! Spring 2013
Mashapaug Pond Animations   10:38



Todd McLeish & Betty-Jo Cugini, University of Rhode Island
Horseshoe Crabs   12:26

Elise Torello
Jellyfish   :59
Jellyfish   :28
Boogie Woogie Aphids   :36

Tony Adams
Birth of a Queen   1:30

Nancy Jakubowski
Mantises   4:04


Intermission  10 minutes



Heidi Farmer Piccerelli
How Many Almonds Can A Chipmunk Fit In It’s Mouth?   :39
Chippy Has Babies   3:15

Nancy Jakubowski
Fox   1:14
Deer   3:51

Elise Torello
Camera Trap Videos
Video #1   :11
Video #2   :11
Video #3   :11
Video #4   :11


One Special Place

Linda Brunini, Kickemuit River Council
Kickemuit Fish Ladder   5:00

Hannah Ratcliffe, Blackstone River Watershed Council
River Rats   2:39

Alicia Eichinger & Claire Hodson, Salt Pond Coalition
Green Pond   4:52

Bailey Jensen
Sunset at Beavertail   1:30

Chris Hunter, Collective Thought Media
Aquidneck Land Trust   13:00
Sachuest Point   3:00

John Speck
The Woonsocket Series, Part 1
The Woonsocket Series, Part 2
The Woonsocket Series, Part 3
The Woonsocket Series, Part 4   Total 2:04

Robert Malin
Super Blood Moon Eclipse   1:09
First Winter Snow   3:16

Save the Bay
King Tide Monitoring   4:38

Arvid Tomayko
Canoeing at Cadillac Mills   7:37

Ayla Fox, The Nature Conservancy – Rhode Island
Time Lapse Removal of White Rock Dam   4:26
password: whiterock



Largess Forestry, Inc.
Tree Talk   2:47

David Sardinha, Rhode Island Tree Council
Economic Power Of Trees   1:32


Fish, Reptiles & Amphibians

Ken Orabone
Spring Peepers   :31
Tree Frog   1:06

John & Reagan Miller
Turtle   :27

Nancy Jakubowski
Frog   2:00
Snake   :24
Turtles   1:34

Greg Gerritt
Millions of Menhaden   1:44
How a Tadpole Eats   2:30
Six Weeks In Ninety Seconds  1:30

Check out a list of all the submissions to this year's festival here.

Reception with Videographers

(Hot cocoa and cookies)