Environment Council of Rhode Island

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2016 Bills, Lead Sponsors & Status

Bill Description House Bill # Senate Bill # Rep Lead Sponsor Senate Lead Sponsor Current House Bill Status Current Senate Bill Status
House Resolution for Protecting Pollinators 8265 Cale P. Keable House Vote
Green Buildings Act Amendments 7819 Lauren H. Carson Deferred
Energy Facility Siting Board 8240 3037 Cale P. Keable Paul W. Fogarty Deferred Deferred
Fragrance disclosure in cosmetics 7915 2698 Carlos E. Tobon Donna M. Nesselbush In Committee
Phasing out Flame Retardants 7977
Dry Lands Bill 7651 2591 K. Joseph Shekarchi Michael J. McCaffrey Signed Signed
RIPTA authority appointment 7329 2373 Eileen S. Naughton Juan M. Pichardo Signed Signed
Renewable Energy Fund Extension 7454 2450 Marvin L. Abney William J. Conley House Vote Signed
Green Economy Bond 7454 Marvin L. Abney Signed
Expanding The Renewable Energy Growth Program 7473 2181 Deborah Ruggiero William A. Walaska Deferred In Committee
Increases Penalties for Intentionally Damaging Protected Land 7606 2718 Cale P. Keable V. Susan Sosnowski Passed House - Sent to Senate Deferred
Court Review Standards for Proposed Amendments to Conservation Easements 7196 2233 Christopher R. Blazejewski Louis P. DiPalma Deferred Passed Senate - Sent to House
Relating To Public Utilities & Carriers - Public Utilities Commission 7514 J. Aaron Regunberg Deferred
Mercury Reduction and Education Act 8266 2095 Arthur Handy Dominick J. Ruggerio Signed Signed
Banning of Neonicotinoids Act 2798 Joshua Miller In Committee
Renewable Energy Standard (2016) 7413 2185 Deborah Ruggiero V. Susan Sosnowski Signed Signed
Clean Energy Investment and Carbon Pricing Act 7325 J. Aaron Regunberg Deferred