Environment Council of Rhode Island

...building an ecologically healthy future in a sustainable economy

2015 Bills, Lead Sponsors & Status

Bill Description House Bill # Senate Bill # Rep Lead Sponsor Senate Lead Sponsor Current House Bill Status Current Senate Bill Status
Energy Efficiency and Conservation 5904 0733 Arthur Handy Joshua Miller Deferred Senate Vote
Infrastructure Bank 5900 Signed Signed
Wetlands and Buffers 5962 0737 Arthur Handy Erin P. Lynch Prata House Vote Signed
House Resolution Creating A RI House Commission On Economic Risk Due To Flooding & Sea Rise 5478 Lauren H. Carson Voted out of Committee
Task force to review EPR programs (RI Regulatory Reform Act) 5673 Arthur Handy Deferred
RI Cesspool Act Of 2007 5668 0369 Teresa Ann Tanzi V. Susan Sosnowski Signed Signed
Mercury Reduction & Education Act 5671 0608 Arthur Handy Dominick J. Ruggerio House Vote Deferred
Carbon Pricing Bill 0417 Walter S. Felag Jr. Withdrawn
Encroachment 5787 0263 Cale P. Keable V. Susan Sosnowski Deferred Deferred
Incineration 5273 Stephen R. Ucci Deferred
Plastic Bag Ban 5151 Gregg Amore Deferred
Renewable Energy Standard 5079 0089 Deborah Ruggiero V. Susan Sosnowski Deferred Deferred